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CPT Books - 2024

Turn to the resource that goes beyond basic coding with the Current Procedural Coding Expert, your CPT® coding resource.

The CPT Professional Edition with spiral binding, includes all official CPT codes and guidelines plus special features designed to improve CPT code selection and coding skills.

The special features include over 120 procedural and anatomical illustrations, color-enhanced headings and sub-headings, plus "at-a-glance" cross references to the AMA's CPT Assistant Newsletter.

Available October, 2023.

Select »EP054124 2024 AMA CPT Professional Edition - Spiral
Saving $15.95!
Select »INBCE24 2024 Optum Current Proc. Coding Expert-Spiral
Saving $15.75!
Select »INCEP24 2024 Optum Current Proc. Coding Professional-Softbound
Saving $15.15!
Select »22402 2024 PMIC CPT PLUS! Coder's Choice - Softbound
Saving $4.95!
Select »22403 2024 PMIC CPT PLUS! Coder's Choice - Spiral
Saving $4.95!
Select »OP512924 2024 AMA CPT Changes: An Insiders View - Spiral
Saving $10.15!



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