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About Bibbero

The company began operations in San Francisco, California in 1953, moving to Petaluma, California in 1982. The company’s founder, Richard V. Bibbero, was a noted national figure in medical practice consulting for many years.

In September, 2014 Bibbero Systems, Inc. joined forces with InHealth Systems & Services, maintaining a Bibbero Systems office in Petaluma, California and the InHealth corporate headquarters and primary production/shipping facilities located in Atlanta, Georgia. Upon joining InHealth, we became an employee-owned company as part an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) which was established in 2013. The ESOP unites the InHealth family of companies and employees with a common purpose to provide and deliver the highest quality products and services to our customers.

The company distributes catalogs to medical, dental, veterinary, banking & financial institutions, title & escrow, government and general business markets, stocking thousands of products, offers extensive custom printing services, and manufactures file backs and index tabs. We offer filing systems including manila file folders, end tab folders, color file folders, classification folders, pocket folders, blank and printed custom chart dividers, side and bottom tab index dividers, file backs, indexes, custom chart dividers, and custom printed folders. We also provide Medical, Dental and Veterinary records, charts, and patient records, office organizing supplies, stationery and envelopes, telephone message books, prescription blanks & RX pads, year labels, file cabinets and CMS forms.

We are your source for file folders, filing dividers, custom dividers, office supplies, signage and money handling supplies for Banks and other Financial Institutions, Title & Escrow, Probation and other Government Agencies and Correctional Facilities. We also manufacture custom chart dividers for health Care Institutions including Home Health Care, Assisted Living Facilities, Drug & Alcohol Treatment Centers & Medi-Spas.

Bibbero Systems, Inc. & InHealth strive to use as many recycled products as possible in its manufacturing processes. We are an equal opportunity employer and provide a safe and friendly workplace for its employees, as well as benefits. And as an employee owned company, we are committed to expanding our customer service by providing the opportunity for 200+ associates to take true ownership of the unique position and role within our organization. So, when you speak with one of our associates, you are talking to an owner.

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Bibbero Systems
5076 Winters Chapel Rd., Suite 200
Atlanta, GA 30360

Phone:   1-800-242-2376
Fax: 1-800-242-9330

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